The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families come together to prepare for the day ahead, where we catch up after a busy day, and where meals are prepared and shared with friends and loved ones. The style, layout and size of your kitchen can have an enormous impact on your lifestyle and even determine how much you enjoy your home. If you are currently evaluating house and land packages in Perth with a view to buying or building a new home, finding a gorgeous and convenient kitchen design should be one of your top priorities. Here are some of the features of an ideal kitchen to look out for.

Open kitchen layouts

Over recent years, open floor plans have become very popular. This layout is usually one larger room, which combines the kitchen, dining and living room areas. Not only does this floor plan give the home a modern appeal, it also encourages better interaction between people who are busy with different activities and creates the illusion of space which can make a smaller home feel less confined. The absence of walls also permits more natural light to enter the space.

Timeless décor and design

The latest décor trends may be beautiful and very attractive in a kitchen, but some styles can quickly become outdated and ideally you want to choose a kitchen with features that will remain stylish even after a few years. Look for kitchens with cabinets, countertops and appliances in timeless colour combinations that include whites, neutrals, metals or wood. This doesn’t mean that the kitchen design has to be dull or uninspiring; you can easily add modern touches with smaller features such as fixtures, accessories and even a bold coat of paint on the walls.

Smart storage space

There are few things as frustrating as a kitchen with too little storage space. A kitchen with storage features such as large and deep drawers, corner cabinets, wall shelves, grocery cabinets, and a pantry, will help you keep the kitchen neat, organised and much more pleasant to use.

Smart appliance solutions

When selecting appliances choose brands with good energy and water efficiency ratings – this will save you money on utility costs in the long run. The kitchen layout should have enough areas that are dedicated to appliances, with access to power outlets, and water and drainage pipes. Some designs even allow you to conceal appliances behind cabinet doors to match the rest of the kitchen.

A functional island

A stylish and functional island is a great feature for families who love cooking and entertaining in the kitchen. It creates storage space, allows more room for preparing food and can even be used as an informal dining area by adding bar chairs to it.

Extending outdoors

For many families their dream kitchen space effortlessly integrates with the outdoors by opening up into a patio or outdoor dining area. This is usually achieved with large, sliding doors and folding windows which can be opened up for easy access to the backyard, when you are entertaining outside or just want to let the view, natural light and air in.

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