The living space should be the heart and soul of the home. It should be a tranquil and comfortable area where families and loved ones spend time with each other or where one can escape the day’s rush with a good book or cup of tea. But if your living space is looking a bit bland and uninspiring these days, you may not feel like spending a lot of time there. No matter your budget or the size or shape of your living space, there are some easy changes you can make to instantly brighten up your room. Here are some of our favourite ways to create a vibrant living space.

Freshen up the walls

A new coat of paint can make all the difference to a room that is in need of a makeover. Soft, neutral hues like greys or beiges are popular choices that work well with any colour furniture or accessories which you may have. If your space is small or dark you can create the illusion of space and light by painting the walls in a very light colour, or if you’re feeling bold, paint a feature wall with a bright colour you love.

Use colours smartly

Colour is a powerful decorating tool. It instantly creates interest and brightness in a room and adds personality to a space. When choosing a colour scheme for your living space, your options are almost endless. Any combination of colours, from neutrals, to complimentary hues, to unexpected contrasting colour groupings, can be added to a room to set the mood you desire.

Rugs and cushions

Home accessories like rugs, cushions and throws aren’t just functional items, but also effective and affordable decorative pieces that can instantly transform the look of a room. Experiment with fashionable colours, patterns and textures by adding new pillows to the couch or replacing an old rug.

Feature pieces

Make a statement by adding a feature item to the room. A large mirror, decorative vase or interesting artwork will instantly create visual interest and a focal point in the room. Since this item will be the centre of attention whenever you enter the room, you’ll want shop around until you find a beautiful and elegant piece which you’ll love for a while as well as fits the area where it will sit.

Pick a theme

An easy way to revamp a room is by applying a specific decorating theme or style to it. Design styles can be anything from a cosy cottage look with distressed finishes, a sleek and clean modern design to something more unique or unusual such as a nautical, oriental or travel theme.

Great living spaces are about more than just the furniture and accessories which are placed in them; the ideal living room has a layout and design that effortlessly integrate with other rooms and enhances your overall enjoyment of a home.

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