The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we satisfy hungry tummies, create inspiring dishes, do homework and hobbies, and catch up with loved ones over a meal. But, with so much happening in one space, it can quickly become cluttered, untidy and uninspiring. Luckily, you can easily whip your kitchen back into shape with these six organisational products and tools.

  1. Drawer organisers
    Are your kitchen drawers all becoming dreaded junk drawers? Make use of drawer organisers to sort your drawers according to different tools, cutlery, and utensils. Drawer organisers are available in various sizes, and divider shapes and styles to suit your drawers and kitchen perfectly. These organisers are also very easy to remove and clean when needed.
  2. Wall rail system
    A wall rail system is another handy organisational tool that makes use of the walls as extra storage space. These rails can be used to store anything from sets of pots and pans, cooking utensils and even knives – if you choose to use a magnetic rail. Rail systems are most convenient when installed in areas that are used more frequently, such as next to the stove or above the kitchen sink.
  3. Food storage containers
    Every well-organised kitchen should have an assortment of sealable glass or clear plastic containers for storing dry food such as rice, pasta and cereal. These containers can be neatly stacked on a shelf or in the panty, and since they are clear you can easily see what’s inside without adding any labels.
  4. Spice racks
    If you are tired of rummaging through your kitchen cupboard in search of toppled-over spice bottles, then it’s time to invest in a spice rack. Get rid of the spice clutter by placing all the bottles of dried herbs and spices in a dedicated space. Wall mounted spice racks, tiered-step spice racks, or drawer liners that keep spice jars in place all work wonders to keep spices neatly arranged and easy to find.
  5. Cupboard stacking racks
    Do you always seem to run out of space in your cupboards or deep drawers? Then stacking racks and shelves may be the ideal solution. These products reduce wasted storage space by storing cookware, utensils and other kitchen tools more efficiently. Vertical stacking racks for lids and trays let you store these items upright – keeping them much neater and within easy reach. Horizontal stacking racks add extra shelving which makes better use of the height of a cupboard or drawer.
  6. Waste sorting bins
    Recycling is an easy way to reduce household waste and contribute to a healthier environment. Make recycling a much simpler task by placing waste sorting bins in your kitchen. These bins have two or three compartments for different types of waste, which are usually different colours, or can be labelled, to make recycling easier for the whole family.

A well-organised kitchen may make time spent on tasks like cooking and cleaning much more efficient and enjoyable, but the real cornerstone of the perfect kitchen is a clever layout and quality finishes. It is these types of high-quality kitchens that feature in each and every Complete Homes home. We are builders of house and land packages in Perth and our team puts great emphasis on excellence and quality in our workmanship and the home designs, interiors and finishes we use. If you are interested in building a dream kitchen in your dream new home then contact our expert team today. Call us on 131 808 or click here to get in touch.