Do you want a home that looks straight out of a magazine, but think you can’t afford it? Creating a stylish and beautiful look for your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a few smart changes and budget buys you can easily get the designer look you want without breaking the bank.

Start afresh

You’ll find it much easier to find inspiration if you work with a blank canvas. Before you make any changes or add new pieces, get rid of the clutter by getting rid of any furniture, art works and décor items that are outdated or you’ve grown tired of. Also make use of beautiful storage items to store things like toys and blankets easily. Stylish storage products such as the concrete storage box and round wire basket from Kmart are affordable, modern and ideal for storing loose items.

The power of paint

Not only is a new coat of paint an easy way to freshen up your home, it can instantly transform a room from being drab and outdated, to looking contemporary and inspiring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the latest colour trends, or to be bold by painting an access wall or trimmings in striking paint choices.

Change up your cushions

Fortunately you don’t have to replace your couches to get a new look in your living room. A simpler (and much cheaper) option is to add cushions that match the latest décor trends. These reversiblemonochrome cushions are on point this season, and their low prices mean you can easily replace them next season without feeling guilty.

Revamp with vintage

Create a room where old meets new by mixing modern with a touch of classical. A few vintage pieces can add a lot of charm to a room, and once you start looking you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality, but very affordable, vintage décor items you can find at thrift stores and second hand goods markets.

Get the cheaper version

Got a chair design in mind that you love, but can’t afford? Shop around for cheaper alternatives of your favourite pieces to create the same look, but for much less. The Eames replica chair, or the Acapulco replica chair and side table, may be just the pieces you need to create that designer appeal for much less.

Style your furniture

Turn furniture like bookshelves, coffee tables and bedside tables into beautifully designed elements by styling them with affordable décor accessories. Items such as a beautifully framed photo, a modern vase, or a jar with a candle, thoughtfully placed together on a coffee table, or in a bookshelf can transform the space entirely.

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