With benefits such as affordability and availability even in sought-after suburbs, it’s no wonder that narrow blocks are the way forward for many new home builders. Although space may be limited, builders are coming up with innovative floor plans and home designs that make the most of what the narrow block has to offer. The Elvaston from Complete Homes is a prime example of such a design. Here are some of our favourite features that make this home feel comfortable, luxurious and even spacious on a narrow block.

Open plan living

The absence of internal walls in the living area instantly lets more light enter the room and create a sense of breathing space. The open floor plan combines the kitchen, dining and living room areas into one large space, which is an ideal social area for families who want to spend more time together while they are busy with different activities, or for those who love cooking and entertaining guests at the same time.

High ceilings

Even if your block is small, your home doesn’t have to feel cramped on the inside. High ceilings instantly open up a room vertically and make any space feel much roomier. Not only does a high ceiling add a sense of space and let in more light and air in the home, it is visually impressive – especially around the entrance of the house.

Gourmet kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of this home. The well-designed gourmet kitchen makes The Elvaston truly special and enjoyable. This kitchen is designed to make any time spent in the kitchen much more fun, but also easier with convenient and easy to clean features. The layout is well-planned out with easy to reach storage options, convenient work stations, and beautifully designed features such as an island bench, lighting fixtures and appliances.

Centrally located alfresco

A garden and alfresco space doesn’t have to be hidden at the back of a house. In the Elvaston it is one of the home’s main features as it is placed in a central area of the floor plan. This allows easy access to your outdoor space from more than one room and you can enjoy views of your garden whether you are in the kitchen or in the master bedroom.

Rear master bedroom

The master bedroom should be a peaceful and private sanctuary to which you can retreat and rest after a busy day. The master bedroom is located at the back of the home where it is quieter and more secluded. As an added beautiful feature in The Elvaston, the master bedroom has access to a veranda that leads to the backyard and alfresco.

Secluded home theatre

A home theatre makes a home extra enjoyable and fun to be in, but it can be a noisy distraction for anyone who isn’t watching a movie in the room. The designers of The Elvaston have made especially good use of the elongated floor plan by adding a secluded home theatre at the front of the property. This means that the home theatre is entirely separated from the bedroom areas, and can be enjoyed without disturbing others.

The Elvaston is a beautifully designed four bedroom, two bathroom home, with a floor plan that fits a narrow lot especially well. Like all the other homes in the Complete Homes range, The Elvaston is expertly designed and comes with a large choice of finishes and fittings like wall painting, fencing and landscaping to make it truly yours. We are specialists in house and land packages in Perth, and are committed to building your dream home, in the perfect suburb, with quality materials and workmanship. For more information on The Elvaston and our other homes, call 131 808 or visit our website today